Why You Should Have A Roofing Inspection Performed Regularly

10 Reasons Inspecting Your Roof Often Can Save You Money.

Your roof is a significant investment and plays a strong role in protecting your home from catastrophic damage. Yet, many homeowners forget about the roof over their heads and something to regularly inspect and check for maintenance. It’s easy to forget. Out of sight out of mind right? However, if your roof does need to be repaired and it gets overlooked, you could end up with thousands of dollars in further repair or replacement costs. The best time to fix your roof is now so let’s look at 10 different reasons you should hire a local roofing contractor to perform roof inspections often.

roofing inspection

Spot Damage To Your Roof Ahead Of Time

When your roof gets damaged by wind, hail, or other debris it can allow water to seep into your home’s structure. Without you knowing it you could have water or mold damage behind walls, ceilings, and other hidden areas. These problems can lead to further damage to your family’s living space and may affect their health with the build-up of mold spores.

When you have a professional roof inspection performed, the inspector will know where to look to find damage to your roof. They will make a list of concerning areas and go over the results with you so you know exactly what is going on and what to expect. They may even suggest further preventative measures to extend the life of your roof.

Increases Value for Your Money

Many homeowners neglect the needs of their roof or they opt for taking a DIY approach and attempting repairs themselves. If they have a good working knowledge of roofing then this may be a viable option but for the majority of people, it often ends if disaster. By having a roof inspector regularly check your roof you can avoid headaches or missing something important. There are also regular maintenance services available for residential roofs that many homeowners are not aware of. By having your roof services regularly you can extend the lifetime of the roof and increase the value of your home by preventing early roof replacement.

Insurance Claims Made Easy

Bad weather, especially here on Florida’s Treasure coast, can bring destructive forces down upon your roof. When this happens it is always advisable to have a roof inspector out to assess the damage and write a report that you can match with your insurance adjusters’ estimates. In many cases, your local roofing company can even take over the negotiations and perform the work for you. By having a professional roof inspector write up a report you will have the evidence you need to support your claim with the insurance company.

Finally, Get Peace Of Mind

There are many reasons why you might be worried about the roof above your head. In any case, letting anxiety and worry build up is no good for your soul or your home. By having a roof inspection performed you can finally have peace of mind about what is exactly going on with the roof above your head. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Leaking roof damaged ceiling. Mildew stains on the ceiling due to flooding.

Avoid Injury Or Unsafe Areas

If you do not have the knowledge it takes to build a roof and assess structural flaws then it could pose a dangerous situation to you or any others attempting to climb around the roof. Roofing inspectors spend large amounts of time on different roofs and know what to look for. The last thing you need is to fall through a soft spot in the roof and risk injury or further damage to the roof.

Prepares You For A Roof Replacement

While many modern roofing materials last a lifetime there is no telling at what stage of decay your roof is at. Many roof inspections will be able to tell an approximate age of your roof and may help in knowing exactly when they have expired and it is time for a replacement. Many environmental factors can also affect the longevity o your roof like ventilation, winds, and sun damage.

When you have a roof inspection done the report should include an estimated time frame till replacement and what factors are causing deterioration.

Makes Sure Water Run-Off Is Draining Properly

The job we hear complaints about the most tends to be cleaning 0ut the gutters. One of the things a roof inspector looks for is how much build-up and debris is in your gutter system. Clogged drainage systems can lead to water backwashing up under rooflines and if proper barriers have not been installed or have failed, you will have damage to the decking under your roof.

Knowing how well your drainage system is set up could save you more than you realize on repairing or replacing your roof.

Protect Your Roofs Warranty

One thing you may consider a roofing inspector for is protecting your warranty. Many policies require regular inspections to be made in order to validate the warranty. Protect your investment by making sure routine inspections and maintenance is being performed in case you need to file a claim.

Florida roofs

Florida roofs

Weather And Environmental Factors

While major storms or an obvious concern, normal weather conditions can also heavily affect your roof. While most roofs have longevity of 20-40years those numbers can be significantly reduced in areas where there is a high probability of humid moisture, prolonged exposure to the sun and hot temperatures, and even vegetation growth in damp areas. In order to take preventative measures, it is advised to have a regular roof inspection performed to spot any issues caused by the local environment.

Security Check

Burglars often try and enter homes through open windows or may even crawl onto the roof and break seals on skylights and other fixtures to avoid detection. Stay on top of your home’s security by checking access areas for tampering, breakage, or damage.

Hire a Professional Roof Inspector Today

Hiring the services of a professional roof inspector can save you money and stress in the long run. At Solace Roofing we offer reliable and quality roofing services in Port St. Lucie, Florida and surrounding communities. Let us help you identify roof damage, water leakage, poor gutter drainage, and any other issues that may cause you to have concerns for the safety of your home. Contact us today to schedule a professional residential roof inspection.