5 Ways To Prepare Your Roof For A Storm

Strong Storms are a way of life here in Florida. Too Many homeowners brush off the news of bad weather leaving their roofs exposed to the elements. Solace roofing is here to help you avoid the last-minute panic with 5 tips for preparing your roof for extreme weather.

Trim Overgrown Trees and Limbs

The first way to keep your roof safe in a storm is to simply take a look around your home for overgrown limbs and trees. Foliage in close proximity to your house can pose a risk in high winds. The trees will literally act as large heavy whips against the side of your home and may even break under the stress. This battering of your roof can leave it in less-than-ideal conditions and may cause permanent damage to your roofing system. Make sure to trim branching and trees back from your home’s roofline and windows at least 6 feet for safety reasons. Be extra cautious about any branches that may creep up beside your roof edge.

5 Ways To Prepare Your Roof For A Storm

Damaged house roof with missing shingles after hurricane Ian in Florida. Consequences of natural disaster.

Secure Your Doors and Windows

your windows and doors are a vulnerable point of entry for wind-driven debris. Broken windows and doors can increase the pressure inside the home, turning your roof into a giant parachute. The updraft can cause extreme stress on rafters, walls, shingles, and pretty much every part of your home (assuming the whole thing doesn’t blow apart. To prevent this from occurring, make sure your doors and windows are tightly secured during extreme weather conditions.

Tie Down and Loose Yard/Patio Furniture

When going through the preparation stages for a storm it can be easy to forget about the loose yard items during the panic. Just take a deep breath and scan your yard for any loose toys, furniture, or light objects that may take flight in high winds. The last thing you want is a simple yard item damaging your home … or your neighbors! It is recommended to stake them down or even better; bring them inside the garage.

5 Ways To Prepare Your Roof For A Storm damage

Hurricane Ian destroyed house roof in Florida residential area. Natural disaster and its consequences.

Take Photos Of Your Home Before The Storm

If you have homeowners insurance the number one best thing you can do is get proof of the conditions of your home BEFORE the storm hits. This way you can take pictures in the aftermath and compare easily with the adjusters what got damaged. Without definitive proof sometimes insurance companies can deny your claims. This is why you should have a roof inspection performed regularly and keep a record of yearly photos.

Keep Your Insurance Policy up To Date

Hand-in-hand with taking photos in preparation for possible insurance claims after a storm, you should double-check your actual policy as well. Make sure you know when your warranties on materials expire. Make sure that you have no coverage gaps. If a tree hits your home the first thing you need to do is contact your insurance company. the second thing is to call a licensed roofing service to perform an inspection and provide you with a detailed report. In this way, you can accurately evaluate if your insurance policy needs to be adjusted to cover missing items.


Kee your roof and your family safe before bad weather hits by following these simple roofing safety tips. Contact Solace roofing today for a free estimate.