Can you stay in your home while it is being re-roofed?


Are you planning to get re-roofing done? Then this is the question that would have been bothering you now. Don’t worry; you are not alone. Many people think they will have to move out of their homes while replacing their roofs. However, this is not the case. You can stay in your home while it is being re-roofed, but there are a few must-to-know things before the project begins. This blog post will explore the realities of living in your home during a roof replacement. We will discuss the noise level, the dust, and the potential for debris falling into your yard. We will also provide tips on making the process smooth.

Let us first have a quick look at re-roofing. This is especially for those who are getting it done for the first time.

Can you stay in your home while it is being re-roofed?

What is re-roofing?

If your home’s roof has started to show its age, you may be considering re-roofing. This process involves installing a new roof over your existing one. Re-roofing can be expensive and time-consuming, but it can also extend the life of your roof and protect your home from weather damage.

How long does re-roofing take?

Re-roofing is a big job that takes some time to complete. The length of time is depended on the size and complexity of your roof, but it could take anywhere between a few days to a couple of weeks. If you’re planning on having your home re-roofed, it’s essential to plan ahead and make proper arrangements for your stay while the work is being done.

family in their home while roofing

Can you stay in your home during the re-roofing?

Most of the contractors would advise you as no. They would want you to stay elsewhere to avoid hindrances to performing their job. But that is not the case. If you wish to, you can very well stay in your house where the roofing is being done. In fact, many homeowners choose to do this to save on the cost of temporary housing.

There are always some exceptions to this. If in your family there are young children or pets, we recommend that you make other arrangements for them while the roofers are working. This is for their safety and comfort as loud noises, and strange people will come and go from your home. Additionally, if you have any health concerns that could be aggravated by dust or fumes, it might be best to stay elsewhere during the project. Other than those exceptions, there is no reason why you can’t stay in your home while the roof is being replaced!

Now that you have decided to stay at the same house where the roofing is being done, you must know about all possible disruptions you can face and plan for them way ahead.

Disruptions during re-roofing

First, it is essential to ensure that you and your family know the work that will take place. This means informing your neighbors and ensuring everyone knows when the work will occur.
The first thing to remember is that re-roofing generally takes several days to complete. Workers will be on your roof and around your home for most of the day. There may be noise from the workers and equipment, and there will likely be debris around your home.

Next, you must ensure that all your belongings are safely out of the way. This includes removing items from shelves or cupboards that could fall and injure someone, as well as anything stored in the attic or loft.

In addition, you may need to change how you enter and exit your home while the work is being carried out. Maybe, you may need to use a ladder to get in and out of your home through a window or door on the second story.

Living in your home during a re-roofing project is possible, but it requires some planning and patience. If there are any concerns about the process, be sure to discuss them with your contractor before work begins.

Quick Tips: if you stay home during a roof replacement

  • The roofing contractor will need access to your attic space, so be prepared to move any stored items.
  • Having someone home during the replacement process is important if the contractor needs to ask questions or make any changes to the work plan.
  • There will be some noise and dust associated with the roofing project, so be sure to close windows and doors as needed.
  • Be available to inspect the finished product and sign off on the work once it’s completed.
  • Keep an eye on the weather forecast during your roof replacement project – if bad weather is expected, make arrangements for the contractor to reschedule as needed.
  • Have your HVAC system serviced before the roof replacement project begins, as it will likely be turned off during the work.
  • Ensure all pets are out of the way during the roofing project, as equipment and materials will be stored in your yard.
  • Be prepared to make temporary repairs to your gutters and downspouts if they are damaged during the roofing project.
  • Don’t hesitate to contact the contractor if you have any questions or concerns during the roof replacement process.
  • Enjoy your new roof!

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Although it may be a bit of an inconvenience, you can still live in your home while your roof is replaced. Just be sure to plan ahead, make arrangements for any disruptions, and be available to inspect the work once it’s completed. I am sure the discussion above will help you, and you will have work carried out in a much-relieved way.

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